Join Our Board – Everything You Need To Know

The Northwest Connecticut Affiliate of Habitat for Humanity is seeking leads for new board members.


  • Habitat for Humanity takes a community approach to providing affordable housing, both for building new homes and renovating existing ones. Sweat equity is at the heart of this approach, where our homeowner partners provide labor that contributes to keeping the costs down, and also offers the community at large an opportunity to work with the homeowners.
  • When a town has a number of active board members, it increases the visibility of Habitat in that town, which increases the likelihood of future projects there, as well as bringing new, innovative ideas about ways to realize those projects.
  • An example of this concept at work is our recent build in Norfolk. The previous model, building on donated land, was not available for Norfolk. The presence of three Norfolk board members, bringing visibility of Habitat to the town and looking for ways to make a build happen, led to a successful, alternative model.


  • As with any nonprofit board, Habitat seeks board members that can contribute in a variety of ways.
  • We have a need for board members with legal and financial expertise, social work expertise, as well as our mission related needs for building.
  • Board member connections to donors, builders and volunteers all help to facilitate the Habitat mission.
  • Currently we do not have a board member from Cornwall, and only one member from each Falls Village and Sharon.  We are particularly keen on expanding membership in these particular towns.


  • All potential board members are interviewed and their membership voted on by the existing Board.
  • If you have any leads for a future Board member to represent your town, or are interested in joining the Board yourself, please contact George Massey, Governance Chair at or Bob Whelan at – 860-435-4747