Lone Oak Campsites and the RV-Care-A-Vanners team up again to help finish our project!


Once again, a dedicated group of folks from the Habitat International program known as the RV Care-A-Vanners came together from all over the country and descended on Lone Oak Campsites courtesy of Jacolyn, Barry and Peter Brown of Lone Oak Campsites!  The Brown family has been extremely supportive of the mission of Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Connecticut, and the Board of Directors of Habitat can’t thank the Brown’s enough, as well as the Care-A-Vanners!  The RV Care-A-Vanners included:

  • Ty and Larry Jones from Illinois
  • Barbara and Phil Schuler from South Dakota
  • Carolyn and Dan Banks from New Mexico
  • Marguerite and Roger Schelling from New Hampshire