Board of Directors

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Bill Spalding

Bill Spalding, President – Salisbury

I joined the board of Habitat because of the very important work we do, and how it helps people who are extremely motivated to put in many hard hours of work to give their family a home and hopefully, to help others in their community.

Allan Bahn

Allan Bahn, Vice President – Cornwall Bridge

I grew up in a public housing project in Boston in the 50’s and 60’s.  My father, an old line socialist union organizer instilled in me respect for hard work and the people who perform it.  Heroes were not baseball players or soldiers but men and women who got up every day and worked to make a better life for their families.  I believed in that ethos then as I do now.  I know that I attained my limited success through the contribution of others.  My involvement in the community is a way of paying that forward.

Marc Crone, Treasurer – Norfolk

Jill Hall – Secretary – Norfolk


Wilhelmina Eaken

Wilhelmina Eaken – Lakeville

I came to volunteer with Habitat through the yearly tag sale. I saw dedicated volunteers come together every year to turn one person’s discards into another’s treasure. I was impressed by their loyalty and sense of purpose. The almost $40,000 yearly the sale brings in to support building affordable housing in this area is remarkable.  I remember thinking there’s no other organization for whom I’d spend hours putting 25 and 50 cent stickers on small items.  People who do this really care about Habitat. My involvement has strengthened my ties to the community and I am grateful.

Bob Whelan – Sharon

Jim Rutledge- Salisbury

Mike Chapell – Falls Village

Larry Agoglia – N. Venice, Florida

My interest in joining the Board stems from years of inspiration from the work and accomplishments of Habitat for Humanity, starting from the early involvement of President Carter. Solving the issues of adequate housing for the most in need has long been an interest of mine; something I would like to impact with proven solutions. The business model of Habitat; involvement of volunteers and the local community, the requirement of “sweat equity” on the part of the potential recipients and the needed coordination and financial assistance of Habitat for Humanity all work together to contribute to positive outcomes. Overcoming the many obstacles necessary to achieve these positive results is challenging and frankly what attracts me to serve and offers to me an opportunity to give back to the community.